Sunday, October 2, 2022

Rock the festive season with casual blouses and sarees


Sarees are an absolute staple in your wardrobes, being worn for weddings and other grand occasions. They’re traditional, elegant and look great on all women. Because of this, there are now new collections of casual sarees and blouses being released, to be worn for less formal occasions. These stylish garments are more relaxed in structure, and allow for better movement. You can definitely style them in more unique and fun ways, as opposed to the traditional saree, pairing them with casual blouses and shoes!

Casual sarees fit any body type

The best thing about a casual saree is that a woman of any body type can easily drape it to match her tastes. Sarees have been worn by women for so long and remain in trend regardless of body type, height, or even age. A casual saree is all about casual elegance which comes from the way you drape your saree and the confidence with which you hold yourself. The way you drape your casual saree makes all the difference, like the butterfly style, fish cut style along with many other indo western styles, which seem to be the current trend. 

Unlike the traditional saree, the casual saree is minimalistic which makes it so sophisticated and beautiful, being a staple in offices and homes. You can choose between numerous colours and patterns, embroidery and printed, fabrics and fit.  While wearing a saree may definitely not be as easy as pulling on your favourite pair of jeans, try practising with casual sarees and you’re sure to turn into a pro pretty soon!

The best casual blouses for the best of occasions

What goes best with a casual sari? A casual blouse of course! The definition of modern fashion is the halter blouse which goes so well with a tightly draped saree for an alluring look. It also goes well with a more simplified loose-draped saree for a festive look.. No matter how you drape your saree, a halter blouse is sure to draw all eyes to your perfect neckline and shoulders.

Another great choice for a casual saree is printed cotton which is comfortable, with a breathable fabric but adds a layer of simplicity and androgynous elegance to boot. Silk and georgette are great to wear to weddings and festivities and look awesome with a silk saree that sparkles with its natural shine. 

To sum it up
No matter what the occasion, be it the regular office or shopping or festivals and weddings, casual sarees are the ideal partner with the casual blouse. You can choose from a  wide range of sarees both casual and sophisticated by world renowned designer stores such as Puro Cosa, Ritu Kumar, Payal Singhal and Wendell Rodricks, amongst many others. You are sure to find something that suits you best! 

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