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Try these creative strategies to promote your upcoming event on social media:


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Today, social media has become the biggest part of the success of events. Earlier, social events were limited to specific venues. Now, with the involvement of social media, marketers have the opportunities to expose these events all over the world. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are getting more and more popular with time. So, event marketers are shifting towards these social platforms to promote their events. Promoting the events through social media is so dynamic today. You can promote a business event the same as a music festival. 

You can become a pro in social media event marketing if you follow these techniques. 

Use Social Media for Pre-Event:

You can completely leverage the power of social media graphics by generating a buzz about the event amongst the target audience. The interest you build up among the people on social media pre-event directly affects the success of your specific event. 

Here are the tips you can follow to develop interest among the target audience to promote your event.

1. Create your event dedicated social media pages

Event pages can help you to spread awareness about your event, its existence, base, and other exciting facts about it. 

There are so many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more available. You can select the appropriate option and create your event page there.

Use an online poster maker to create posters and flyers to promote your event pages. Poster templates by PosterMyWall are easy to customize, cost-effective and offer great results. 

2. Hashtag promotion on social media

Hashtags are a crucial part of social media as it helps your brands to increase their organic audience number and promotion strategies. 

To promote an event-specific hashtag, first, make sure that your hashtag is unique and amazing. Keep the hashtag short and simple. So that your audience can get a clear and correct message of what your event is all about just by watching your hashtag. For creating the best hashtag, do proper research and set your hashtag in the right way.

3. Highlight special guests and celebrities 

Invite famous personalities like celebrities, artists, authors, and speakers to be a part of your event for your event promotion. Don’t forget to update such invited stars on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, and on the event website too.

It will definitely help you to create excitement for the audience. It will also boost the event’s attendance. Because all the loyal fans will surely see the updates and get in touch with their favorite celebrities.

4. Use WOM (Word-of-Mouth) marketing on social media

For your event’s promotion, you can use recommendations to spread word-of-mouth on social media sources. Well, social media and word-of-mouth are two different event marketing strategies. If you combine them both, it will give you excellent results. 

There are multiple ways of using word of mouth on social media. Like, by leveraging User-Generated Content, collaborating with influencers, and showing off the brand and event’s glimpse through your employees.

5. Create excitement

Creating excitement is not a one-time job. You should keep doing it till the end of your event. 

6. Paid advertisement on social media

Paid advertisements are completely budget-friendly and a great option for reaching a wider audience as it helps you to enhance your targeting base on social media platforms. It also increases the awareness of the brand and collects relevant event marketing insights. 

Promotion on social media during the event:

Event promotion is a constant process in which social media plays a big role in keeping the event live in the digital world. 

This will take you to the best trending event promotion techniques on social media that you may use during that specific event.

1. Post ongoing Event photos and videos

Whether it is a one-day event or more, images and videos of the ongoing event must be shared online regularly through social media. When you daily upload the ongoing event’s pictures and videos, it boosts engagement. It also gives updates to the people who couldn’t attend the event.

2. Use social walls in the Event

Today everyone likes his/her picture that is visible on big screens at an event. The use of social media walls for event promotion is gaining much popularity day by day. People can post pictures and videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more with a dedicated hashtag.

3. Motivate Event attendees to post directly on the social wall 

A social wall is the best way to show user-generated content on one big screen from different social media platforms. When you create a social wall, you take the content posted by your attendees and display it on the social wall. 

Use the Social Media after the event:

The best ways to keep an event alive in the minds of people using many social media techniques are described below-.

1. Post-spell-bounding aftermovie on social media

The human mind has the nature of retaining an event’s visuals for a long time. Creating an event AFTERMOVIE with beautiful visuals, and great music is the best unique way to create an everlasting effect on people’s minds.

2. Show Attendee’s feedback on the Event page

Taking feedback from the event’s attendees always makes them feel valuable. When you take their feedback, they feel that their opinion is so important to you. Suppose if you present it on the event page, it will make them crazy. 

3. Give a Glimpse of your next Event

It’s a statement that “Curiosity is the lust of the mind”. To promote the event, just make your followers excited and more curious by giving them some hints like what’s going to happen in the next event by posting it on social media pages.

You can create an everlasting impact on people through social media by using all the above-mentioned tips and strategies. Hence, you can save time and money also.


Social media is a great platform and powerful strategy to ensure the success of your event. All you need to do is just plan and implement all the techniques and strategies adequately. You will notice your events elevating towards success.


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