Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Build a custom app for your liquor business



Imagine it's a late-night hour and a bunch of people are having a great time with family or friends when they suddenly run out of their favorite bottle of wine, beer, or whiskey. What will they do? 

Go to the nearest or even the farthest liquor store for that matter to buy a new stock? Well, they would not need to, if they have access to a liquor delivery app. In today’s era, we have an app for every business. Right from booking a taxi to ordering your favorite item to eat or even delivering the parcel from one place to another, you can do everything with just a few clicks. So, why not build an app for liquor business, too?

H1: Benefits of an online app for liquor business

Why do you think an online liquor delivery app would attract people? Well, there can be a lot of reasons. The delivery app offers customers tons of liquor options like wine, whiskey, and beer bottles. People get to choose the best liquor store and order their favorite drink without stepping out of the house. The app can provide attractive deals and discounts for customers so they can save money. With the liquor delivery app, people get to order their favorite drinks whenever they want. Additionally, customers do not have to stand and wait in the queue to place orders so the app saves their time too. Customers can pay for the drinks through any method they prefer, online or COD.

From a business point of view, you have a greater potential to earn profit and retain customers through an app for liquor business. Your online store can optimize the revenue capacity by incorporating or updating features. You may engage more customers by offering discounts to boost sales. The liquor delivery app helps you manage stock efficiently and reduces manual labor. Additionally, the application tracks the record of all kinds of transactions. 

 Important features of an online liquor delivery app

Customer point-of-view: 

Registration: The app offers deals on the best quality liquors to customers - all it takes is a sign-in.

Listing of Liquor: After registering, the customer may view the list of drinks from the shops near them. They may view the price and get details about all the drinks.

Apply filters: Customers may apply filters through the app that shortlist drink options, making purchasing easier. The filters can offer various categories of prices, customer ratings, and liquor, etc.

Place orders: You can place the order as soon as you make a selection for it. There is no waiting time.

Track order: Once you place an order, the app shows estimated delivery timing the similar way most delivery apps do. With this feature, you can get order status too- order underway, order accepted, arrived, etc.

Cashless payment: The app enables customers to choose the payment method they like- a credit card, debit card, online banking, or others.

Order history: You may view the order history and place the order again with just a click or tap.

Review and feedback: The customers can share a review or feedback on the liquor store. It will help you improvise on the business strategy or model. 

Store point-of-view

Manage Categories: The owner or the store admin can list their drinks by categorizing them as beer, whiskey, wine, etc.

Manage Snacks & Drinks: Some stores provide free snacks or other items with the drinks. The store owner can list add-ons for the customers through this feature too. This feature helps you attract as much audience as possible. 

Manage Pricing: The owner/admin of the liquor shop will be managing the pricing for all the products.

View Reviews & Ratings: The liquor store owner can check the reviews and ratings given by the customers and improve their store according to the reviews.

Manage Earnings: The liquor shop owner may analyze the cost-to-profit ratio through the app and manage the expense accordingly.

You may get a liquor delivery app built by hiring a developer or a development team. However, it may be expensive and time-taking. So, get a liquor app built today with Builder.ai that designs your budget-friendly app within a few weeks. 


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