Wednesday, October 6, 2021

CBD Creams: Is It Helpful in Pain Relief?

 Incessant pain can leave even the best gurus struggling from seeing the bigger picture. Whether it is back pain, aches in the joints, or another form of ailment, we all want to lead a pain-free existence so we can pursue whatever drives us. 

Traditional medication has helped millions of people around the world to ease the pain. Yet, even with the impressive work of western medicine, this type of medication comes with a list of disadvantages, including the risk of organ damage and a high risk of addiction.

It is challenging to navigate through pain-relief options when you are overwhelmed with pain. Although you want to experience relief fast, you also don't want to become addicted to pain medication or cause more harm than good. Luckily, a new natural product on the market proves to be highly effective in eliminating pain. Even more impressively, it doesn’t seem to have the addictive features that potent traditional pain killers have. This natural compound is known as CBD. 

What is CBD?

CBD products are trending in a way that can make you think it is a recent invention, but this is far from the case. CBD has been around for thousands of years. This cannabinoid is one of the many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant species. What is remarkable about CBD is its lack of psychoactive intoxication. Hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC cannot make you high, nor is there a risk of paranoia or overdose.

Since it cannot make you high or more anxious, skeptics worldwide are trying this emerging cannabinoid in its various forms. These days, finding high-quality CBD products has never been easier or safer. Brands are dishing out this cannabinoid in different packages. You can try gluten free cbd hard candy or vape CBD. There are oil tinctures, skin care products, gummies, and the list goes on.  

Its lack of psychoactive intoxication is not the only reason former skeptics are onboard the CBD train. This cannabinoid comes with an astounding list of physical and mental health benefits. Users have tried CBD to ease anxiety and depression symptoms. Some are using it to improve their focus, sleep better, lose weight, beat addiction, lower the risk of diabetes, and so much more. 

CBD for pain

One area where CBD shines is in its treatment of pain. This cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory properties and can manage pain more effectively than morphine. Indeed, one study shows how cannabinoids are 100 times more effective than the more popular traditional option.

Studies on the pain management properties of CBD are preliminary, but early data show significant results. In two separate studies conducted on rats having arthritis and multiple sclerosis, researchers noted how inflammation on their joints decreased when they were given a CBD dose. Thus, the rats could move more freely.

With high-quality CBD balms available on the market, using this natural compound topically has never been more accessible. You can use CBD creams directly on the affected area and have the body absorb its components onto your skin. The advantage of CBD creams is that you promptly address the area in need and have CBD rise to its purpose as a type of pain relief. 

Taking CBD sublingually, vaping it, or ingesting it delivers the same type of pain relief and much more. When you ingest CBD, the natural compound will affect other areas in your body. So if you have been feeling depressed because of your chronic pain, CBD can eliminate those negative thoughts and emotions and offer you some respite. This natural compound can give you an energy boost when you face a challenging day and help you sleep when pain keeps you awake. 

Experimenting with CBD creams and beyond

Ultimately, only you can decide what is best for your body. If you are wary of trying CBD, consider starting by applying a CBD-infused cream on the affected area. Once you get used to its effects and wish to try something more thorough, then taking CBD oil sublingually or ingesting it is the next best step. You can experience the effects of CBD oil after about 15 minutes when taken sublingually, but its effects dwindle after a short time. 

In contrast, when you ingest a CBD pill or another edible, you must wait for about an hour to feel the effects, as the natural compound has to go through the digestive system. The advantage of edibles over CBD creams is that their effects are longer lasting. Some users have reported feeling the effects for 12 hours. That would mean an entire day of respite from your pain.

Despite its natural origins, it is essential to consult your doctor before taking CBD, especially if you are already taking other medication. A medical professional who is knowledgeable in this area can advise on the correct dose and brand. 





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