Wednesday, September 8, 2021

What sets mini dab rigs apart from one another - quality is key

When it comes to finding the best smoking accessories for your needs, you might typically think of bongs, bubblers, and vape pens. However, there are plenty of other accessories and apparatuses that are less commonly used - but pack just as powerful of a punch! If you're bored with your current smoking apparatuses and methods, and you want to try something more creative, we have the predicted solution for you. 

Why not try dab rigs? Dab rigs are a fun and exciting method that you can use to smoke dabs - a concentrated wax that helps provide you with an intense, smooth, and flavorful hit that is sure to make you forget about the old days of rolling joints! Instead, try dab rigs - specifically mini dab rigs - to get the best smoking experience of recent times. 

Why you should try MJ Arsenal dab rigs

If you're considering using dab rigs for your next smoking experience, you might be wondering - what is a dab rig? What is a mini dab rig? A dab rig is a type of bong that is known to help smoke concentrate. There are many moving parts in the dab rig and involve a specialized type of glass bong, quartz nail, heater, torch, and concentrates. Learn more on how to get a MJ Arsenal mini dab rig.

Unlike other smoking mechanisms, the dab rig isn’t actually burning any type of cannabis flower to set it on fire and produce a smoke that you will inhale. Instead, the dab rig will use another type of mechanism - the glass or quartz nail - that you heat yourself with a torch (or that you use with an e-anil to heat itself). This way, you can then heat the dab nail to a specific temperature and then put the extracts onto the dabber. Once you find the dabber is at the right temperature, you can then inhale and enjoy the smooth hit.

But how can you tell if you are purchasing a quality dab rig:? First off, you might want to begin with a mini dab rig. Mini dab rigs are smaller than typical dab rigs, meaning they are more portable, easier to use, and lightweight, not only were they better for beginners to use in terms of user-friendliness, but they can actually provide stronger hits for advanced users! 

Since there is less air and fewer other particles that can get in the way of the concentrated dabs, you will actually have a higher-intensity hit. To help decide if you are choosing the best quality mini dab rig for your needs, make sure you find a product that has long-lasting materials, high heat resistance, a reputable name in the industry, thousands of positive online reviews, and a variety of products. Use MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs to ensure you are using a safe and high-quality product.


If you're new to using dab rigs, start with MJ arsenal mini dab rigs. Not only are these high-quality, safe, and easy to use for beginners, but they can provide intense and strong hits that make them suitable for weed users of all skill levels!


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