Friday, July 9, 2021

Top 5 Tips & Tricks To Become PRO in Valorant

Valorant is among the most popular real-time shooting games in the world right now. A 5v5 character-based first-person shooting game allows the players to not only customize their agent with special ability and charge, but it also allows the player to customize their weapon system after each round with their loots. Launched by Riot in June 2020, the game was under development for a number of years, and at the time of its launch was one of the most in-demand games of the time, with the fans of the game bemoaning on social media about how they were not able to get the early access of Valorant. The success of Valorant can be credited to its addictive gameplay as well as a great marketing strategy with influencers on Twitch breaking records after records on the platform.

Now the objective of the game is pretty apparent, eliminating the opposition with suffering as fewer casualties as possible and completing your mission, be it either planting or defusing the spike. Pretty straightforward, if you are a beginner of the game or someone who wants to upgrade their skills to become a PRO level player in Valorant, here are some tips and tricks that would bore fruitful results for you. Before you browse through - , try following tips and tricks to become a pro player in Valorant. 

1. Shooting and scouting

As is the case with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, aptly shortened to CS: Go and considered to be the gold standard in shooting games, the main trick in the Valorant Spike Rush mode involves stalking the enemy. If you are defending in the round, you should look to finding or creating the best choking areas on the map where you could easily pick out the attacking squad. Since you are defending, you can afford to stay away from the confrontation if you want to.

Take your time finding the sweet spots, and most importantly, try to avoid open areas as a sniper can easily pick you out from a long range. Pay attention to what is going on in your surrounding area, both visually and audibly, as if focused enough, you can spot the enemy squad from a distance and ping their location to your teammates you can easily take out the enemy. Use the Shift button to move quietly and sneak up on your enemy.

If you are a beginner at Valorant, the shooting aspect of the game can be punishing. It would generally take three to four bullets to down a player, but there is recoil with each shot, which takes some getting used to.

2. Do not ignore your charging abilities

Valorant allows players to use special abilities that can be equipped at the start of each round of the gameplay. At the initial buy stage, a player can reload their abilities which can be done by collecting scattered orbs around the map. Do not ignore them, and collect as much of them as possible. A player can exchange them for a lesser ability in the initial buy phase. In contrast, the ultimate ability will only be unlocked after killing several enemy players or by dying repeatedly.

Make the most of your abilities and strategies its usage with your teammates to make the most out of it.

3. Learn your map

A significant difference between a PRO player and a casual gamer in Valorant is that the PRO players instinctively know what their next move should be as they are aware of their surroundings. Aware of their surrounding is underselling it a bit, as a PRO player can customize their character to get the best out of them in a match. Certain characters have abilities that allow them to get high up on the ledges and shoot down the enemy players without them even getting a whiff of their attacker. Making the best out of the map and character abilities is what sets a PRO player apart from a casual gamer.

4. Weapons and armour

With every game you win in Valorant, you gain 3000 credits and get to keep your armor and weapons for the next round, whereas you will get less than 2000 credits if you lose a match, though if you are part of a losing side consistently, Valorant does offer you some consolation credits as well. The benefit of regularly winning at Valorant is that you can spend most of your credits on upgrading your weapons and armor. Do not spend all your credits on buying fancy gears!

For beginners, it is highly advisable that they start their adventure in Valorant by using Phantom or Guardian weapons.

5. Keep a keen eye on the minimap

Minimaps are extremely important in shooter games, as it allows a player not only to keep an eye on their teammates, but one can even get a general sense of the direction where the enemy is at through the minimap. To be a PRO player, one should always keep an eye on the minimap and plan ahead for their confrontation with the enemy squad.