Friday, July 23, 2021

Best Jewellery Inspirations For Party Wear


We have all been through the butterfly-in-the-tummy excitement before going to a party. How is the dress looking? Is the makeup on point? Am I wearing too many jewellery or too less? The thrill is both amusing and worrisome. Afterall, you would want to look the best or at least make some heads turn with your charming look. 

If jewellery selection is your trouble, it is time to put it aside and start making some notes. We are going to unveil some of the best and the must-have jewellery inspiration for parties. Let’s begin with the necklaces: 

Must-have Necklaces For Party

  • A Pearl Necklace Set

If you want the perfect blend of elegance and class in a jewellery piece, it has to be a pearl necklace set. The stunning necklace can instantly turn your simple outfit into a luxurious attire. It is also very comfortable and must-have for those who prefer simplicity. We would suggest you to pair with it crisp saree or an off-shoulder gown for any cocktail party or a wedding event too. In case you have a higher budget, you can also try a diamond necklace. 

  • A Classy Choker

Choker necklaces are back in trend, especially the ones with sequins or oxidized material. You just need to know how to pair them well with an attire; and makeup and a choker necklace can save your back in both parties or casual outings. But since we are talking about parties, you can buy dazzling ones. If it is a traditional party like wedding, go for golden or diamond choker. For casual parties, you can white gold or oxidized ones. 

  • Contemporary Earrings

Drops, danglers, hoops, shoulder dusters – name it and you will find a range of contemporary party earrings that can suit your attires. And though we said you need just a few pieces, earrings are never enough. The best part about them is that you can mix and match them with plenty of dresses. 

  • Diamond Studs

No doubt that danglers are great for parties but when it comes to elegance, diamond studs give a strong competition to any earring. If you are going for an office party, earrings in solitaire can be your go-to jewellery piece. These radiant a different kind of luxurious looks that is perfect for formal or semi-formal event.

  • Jhumkas

When talking about must-have earrings, we just cannot ignore the evergreen jhumkas. Best suited for traditional parties, jhumkas add the much-needed beauty to your ethnic outfit. Nowadays, you can also pair jhumkas with Indo-western outfits and create your own style. 

  • Crystal Bracelet 

Nowadays, bracelets are getting quite popular, especially among young women. You can buy simple yet graceful bracelets for parties. If crystal bracelets is not what you want, you can always turn to gold, diamond or pearl bracelets. To give an extra twist, you can also stack the bracelets to make them look like stylish bangles. Pair them with any of your favourite party dress, gown, or even lehengas and get ready to show your poise to all. 

  • Cocktail Rings

Your pretty hands deserve more than just bangles and bracelets. Opt for cocktail rings that were especially invested for parties. These small jewellery pieces can definitely take your look a notch higher. They usually come with studded gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald that can make you look like a royalty. 

Done reading? Well, wait no more and start the shopping spree. With online jewellery shopping, you can now buy your favourite pieces right from your living room. All the best!