Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Advantages Of Selling Your SaaS Solutions On Microsoft's Azure Marketplace


If you are a business owner offering products and services to the audiences, the only way you can make the most out of your business is by having a marketplace that exposes your product and services to a wider range of audiences.

This is where the concept of marketplaces has been coined. Over the last decade, the retail industry has seen a revolutionizing change. As a result, today, most industries rely on online marketplaces to sell their products and services.

Out of all the online marketplaces, Microsoft Azure is one of the marketplaces that stands strong and is recognized by big enterprises.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store where both consumers can get different types of products, and companies can showcase their products and services to a wider array of audiences.

The products that you can see on the Azure platform are the direct product of the Microsoft company or the products of its technological partners. All the products on the Azure platform need to go through a certified program by Microsoft to ensure that the product and services support the Azure public cloud.

Microsoft Azure has different pricing subscriptions. The subscription price depends on the types of features you want to enjoy from the platform. To know more about the Microsoft Azure platform, visit Tackle.

Why Sell On Microsoft Azure Platform?

If you are a seller, you would ask this question at one point in your business career. It is understandable that you will have second thoughts on marketing your product and services on an online marketplace that you have never used. 

This is why we are here to explain a few things to you to make you understand the benefits of selling your SaaS solution on the Azure marketplace.

1. Well Established Platform

When we talk about strategies and tactics to revamp your business growth, we always keep a close eye on how reliable and established a strategy is. The same thing can be said for the Microsoft Azure platform. It is one of the few online marketplaces trusted by big names in the marketing industry.

Now that you know that Azure marketplace is a trusted marketplace and has a good reputation among the consumers, selling your SaaS solution on this platform will allow your service to share the same importance.

2. Reach New Clients

If your business goal is to expand the roots of the business, the Microsoft Azure marketplace can play an influential role. Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a well-established platform with millions of monthly visitors. That means having your services on the platform directly exposes it to a wider audience bandwidth.

However, with no international boundary, you must ensure that your business has the necessary resources and tools to accept international orders. If you're really interested in international clients, it is worth noting the fact that the Microsoft Azure marketplace deals with 54 regions and has its presence in almost 140 countries.

3. Offer Useful Analytics

The other reason why you should go with the Microsoft Azure marketplace is that it offers useful product analytics and tools that help you measure every facet of your business. These features help you mark important things about your business and revamp your strategies according to your audiences' wants.

Making strategic decisions and tuning your marketing tactics from time to time can help you increase your future sales and downloads. Now that is something only a few online marketplaces can offer.

Start Selling SaaS Solutions On Azure Marketplace

The benefits that we have listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. There are other benefits as well that you can enjoy with marketing your services on the Azure Marketplace. 

Knowing that there is nothing to lose with this strategy, it is worth experiencing how Microsoft Azure can revamp your business revenue.