Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What emotions do players deal with while playing online games?

Emotions are auto-generated responses to the situations that we are facing. A rummy table can experience anger, frustration, excitement, happiness, passion, etc. A person doesn’t need to experience these emotions all the time. But you should have control over your emotions while playing rummy. Whether it’s an online game or offline game, emotions are always there. In an online game, you might wonder, if you don’t see your opponent, how do emotions affect your game.

Emotions are more than we see through our eyes. If emotions overpower your brain, it can affect your game too. You are more likely to commit mistakes in an emotional state of mind. Once your opponent gets a hint of your emotional state, he can pick your mindset. In no time, you will be in a trap set by your opponent. Let’s look at the emotions that a player has to deal with while playing an online game.

  1. Anger

There can be different situations when you might feel angry during the game. You can be angry when you drop the wrong card or when the timer expires, and you still have not decided your move. The above situations can make you angry and affect your game too. One feels angry also when one loses the game. This emotion is a dominant one for the people who play just to win. Moreover, winning and losing are feelings for them and not just mere words.

  1. Frustration

Frustration is another one of the common emotions a player might face during an online game. When you are waiting for the desired card to be discarded by your opponent or get it from the closed deck for a long time, it might frustrate you. This could be one of your opponents’ strategies not to discard the card you want and bring you under frustration. Once frustrated, there is a high probability of you making a mistake or dropping the game.

  1. Excitement

This emotion is highly dominant in freshers. There are mostly very excited about the game. Of course, other situations might excite you too. You can be excited when you get a joker, or your opponent is dropping the desired card, and you are about the finish the game by picking that card. Anything off-limits is not good. So, you should not get too excited and make a wrong move. 

  1. Happiness

The ultimate happiness is when you win the game. No other joy is as great as that one. You can be happy too when you make a valid sequence or set in an online rummy game. But never let this happiness amidst the game divert your concentration from the game. If that happens, you might lose track of your opponent’s moves, thereby hampering your entire game. So be happy but never lose your mind until the game is on.

  1. Anxiety

This is another emotion that is most dominant in freshers. As they are new to the rummy game and are learning the strategies, it’s evident that they are anxious. Also, when people play against their friends, they don’t want to lose. Thus, making the player anxious. Anxiety is capable of ruining your entire game. You will not be able to focus on your strategy once you are worried or nervous. You might fail to understand your opponent’s plan too. Thus, you are in your opponent’s trap in no time and might lose the game too.


Facing different types of emotions during the game is quite normal. But what is important is how you deal with them. You should not let your emotions ruin your game. The emotions mentioned above are only a few that a player might come across. There are so many other emotions a player has to deal with. Share your experience of dealing with emotions during the online rummy game.