Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Why Should You Stop Using Free Apps for Fake Instagram Followers Right Now?

 “Free Instagram followers!”

The most jaw-dropping line a newbie Instagram influencer would ever encounter! The insanity of increasing engagement on your Instagram account or making your account look authentic often compels influencers to resort to free applications that flood your account with hundreds and thousands of fake Instagram followers

Though many of these applications work fine, are they really beneficial for your account? Is your account engaging a wider set of audiences? Is this promoting your sale or widening your reach? Well, in reality, it's a big NO! 

Getting tempted by those digits is pretty normal as users often misconceive more followers with higher engagement, irrespective of if those followers are genuine or not. If you too find the claims by free followers website to be too luring, then you’re actually wasting your time and efforts on something too trashy. 

Here are some reasons to justify why you should stop using free applications that provide you fake followers for Instagram and invest in a good platform that helps you widen your reach and generate genuine engagement for your account or business page.

Instagram – The Engagement Algorithm 

Supporting and appreciating the efforts of our favorite influencers is our wholesome responsibility as engaging with their account is a great way to open newer social portals for them and improve their reach.   

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes “saving the post” when it comes to analyzing the level of engagement of an account, followed by sharing, commenting, and liking the post. If your account is enjoying a decent base of genuine followers, you’ll get a much better engagement as compared to an account that has recklessly increased its number of followers through free applications. 

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Different Categories of Instagram Account  

A user would operate an Instagram account primarily for these 3 broad reasons:

  • As a personal account i.e. to interact and socialize with other users 

  • For brand positioning or marketing a product/service 

  • If you are or planning to become a social media influencer

And out of this, it’s majorly the third category that likes to count on fake Instagram followers. But how reliable this trick is? Get to know this in the upcoming sections. Instagram is a platform that lets you create and manage a timeline of photos. It has rapidly become one of the most popular social networking sites and you can be on this train if you buy followers from

Top Reasons to Not to Buy Fake Followers

Spending money on buying fake Instagram followers just to make your account look much more appealing to the viewers is genuinely the most trashy investment you can ever go for and here are the reasons. 

  • No engagement with your account 

The majority of the free applications lurking on the app store provide you fake bots and not real people and automatically, these bots don’t engage with your account. And you’ll be surprised to know that this can actually hamper your career as an influencer. How? Here’s the answer. 

Brands always check the authenticity of the influencers’ Instagram page before working with them. Finding a page full of fake bots forces many reputed brands to take a step back, spilling water on your career as an influencer.  

Many influencers rely on the concept of reciprocity, which means they’ll follow you back if you follow them. you can use this to generate more followers and widen your reach, rather than wasting your hard-earned money and efforts on apps for fake followers. 

  • Easy spotting of engagement mismatch in your account

If you've been using Instagram for a considerable period, you can easily point out an engagement mismatch in someone's account. In simpler terms, this means that their number of followers doesn't match with the level of engagement on their posts. 

According to a survey comprising 2 million influencers, the following were the observations.

Number of followers

Rate of engagement 











This data can serve as a rough guideline to spot suspicion in someone’s Instagram account. 

Many Instagram handles join hands to share and appreciate each other’s posts to improve their reach, which is a much better option than buying fake bots. Also, you divert from your engagement slab if you buy likes and comments, making your account look suspicious.   

  • No standards for comments 

Another thing that you may face by buying fake followers or comments in violation of commenting standards by these fake bots. Some fake followers may comment in a different language, which may be something offensive and inappropriate when you translate it in your language. 

Also, you get to see non-contextual comments from these fake followers. In other words, their comment may not match the plot of your post. For example, you may get a comment "nice post" on a post that talks about the death of your close one. 

  • Violation of Instagram’s policies and rules    

Instagram discourages the use of fake accounts and bots and has implemented strict guidelines against such activities. The team has been consistently removing fake accounts from the platform and it’s hard to deceive the team as they have proper tools to search for these false accounts. 

Instagram has the right to suspend your account if you're found indulged in such activities, which will surely hamper your account's credibility. You may receive a warning in the first place, but not every time. 

  • No income from such followers 

If you’re a service provider or selling a product on your Instagram page, you should get this into your head that these fake bots won’t be spending a penny on buying your product or service, neither they’ll be referring your products to anyone. 

What’s a Better Way than Buying Fake Followers?

You might be wondering if buying followers is not an option, then what should you do?

Several websites like Nitreo specialize in improving engagement on your account through authentic means. You get to make your products reach people throughout the globe and build a brand, which makes it an exceptional alternative if you’re an influencer or selling a product. 

In The End 

Instagram is genuinely the most potential brand-making tool. make sure to use it in the best possible manner and see your social empire flourishing like never before!    


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