Thursday, March 18, 2021

Top Four Ways to Make Money From Your Website or Blog

A standard answer all of you are looking for here is – How to earn a good income from my website? 


Before we get to that, let us state the basics: You can 100% make a good income from your website or blog. But, what? It requires a lot of effort and hard work from your end. 


So, in this radically candid guide, we will provide you with the right tips to monetize your website. See, we understand website monetization is the kind of topic that requires absolute transparency. As influencer marketing and blogging are today a profession instead of a hobby, many people tend to believe that the entire process is very simple and straightforward. You create a blog, pick one of the recommended monetization methods, and start earning. Well, we won’t say that it is not true, but as we said, it needs persistence and a lot of hard work. 


There is approximately sixty-eight percent of bloggers who earn less than 5000 USD per year. This is the reason a lot of them quit before they start seeing big money. 


With us, you will learn some strategies, tips, and tricks that work in your attempt at website monetization. Let us get started and address the big question – How to make money from my blog or website. 


Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is not just one of the most prevalent but also one of the fastest ways to earn money from your blog or website. You can begin by finding a product that you may want to recommend, and you like. Then, you can use your website to endorse this product and promote it to your email and website subscribers. If your subscribed product resonates with the people, they will click on the link and shop for it. Then, the platform with which you collaborated will share the percentage of the sale price with you. 


Janet, an educator who offers assignment help Adelaideservices, says that ‘I have a personal blog, where I do affiliate marketing, and the commission that I make on every sold product or service varies from anywhere between 30 percent to seventy percent.’ 


Well, that is indeed true. It all depends on the websites with which you decide to do affiliate marketing. For instance, if the decided split is fifty-percent for an e-book promotion that costs 100 USD, then if the sale takes place via your affiliate link, you will get 50 USD. Sweet deal, right?  


Now, you may ask where you can find the products for promotion. Well, the options are endless, and Amazon is genuinely one of the platforms that we are all aware of. However, today, there are other platforms, too, that allow affiliate marketing. These include: 


  1. Commission junction: It has reliable products, and you can get on-time payments for referring. 

  2. Clickbank: It has one of the highest payouts. However, unfortunately, you may not find some good products to refer to. 

  3. ShareASale: On there, you can find a bunch of offline goods, accessories, but mostly clothes. 


PPC advertising with Google AdSense


What is PPC? Pay Per Click or PPC is a mode of online advertising wherein the website owner can earn passive income anytime a reader on the website clicks on the advertisement banner. Naturally, one of the best tools for it is Google AdSense. This is also one of the easiest ways to make money, and it does not require a lot of effort to set up either. As a website owner, all you have to do is place the ads on the website or the blog, and you can make money. An impeccable thing about making money with Google AdSense is that you can apply to be the AdSense partner, even if you have a bunch of websites,’ comments Robin, an educator who offers java homework helpservices.  


Since it receives generous Google support, publishers never have to fret about setting things up. You can easily find tutorials and customer forums that can help you get started. Now, the big question is – how much money will you get: 


  1. Fifty-one percent for the search ads. 

  2. Sixty-eight percent for the AdSense for content


What’s more? As you are dealing with Google directly, you will always be paid on time. Payments are usually made between the 21st and 26th of the month. 


Now, how can you monetize your website for AdSense? 


  1. Firstly, read through all the terms and conditions. Next, you need to ensure that your website matches the criteria. 

  2. Next, you can sign up for AdSense and be patient till you get your approval. 


After the account has been approved, you can embed the JavaScript code into a widget. Now, you can place the ads as and where you please. 


Selling your digital product


If you need more than just putting ads on your website, you can take a notch-higher and start creating and selling digital products. Now, you may ask, is it viable to monetize via the selling of the digital product? Let us find out. 


See, the thing with digital product sales is that it is pretty easy to sell, manage, and deliver products to your audience.


After the visitors have entered your sales funnel, you can cross-sell and upsell several other digital products that are of interest to your users.  


Website monetization via flipping the website

I have flipped three websites so far, and it is genuinely great money,’ shares Brian, an online computer science tutor

 Now, the question is, what does it mean by website flipping? See, for instance, you have a website that receives good and decent web traffic. Now, you can sell this website to someone and earn a huge sum all at once. So, all you have to do is buy a niche website and allow it to grow to the point that it turns a sizable profit and becomes hugely profitable.


Now, you may ask the obvious – Why is flipping a beneficial way to monetize a website? Well, there are two reasons for the same.


  1. Firstly, flipping helps you comprehend the business's details, make money, and see an exceptional return on investment. 

  2. Flipping is an excellent way to possess extensive learning of the ins and outs of investor requirements.



So, these are the four best ways to make money from your website or blog. Please understand there are more than 50 ways to monetize your website, but these four will fetch you maximum money. You can do them individually, or all together, as you like. 


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