Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone – One of the best video game

 There are so many games in the world, indoor and outdoor. Indoor games are the games that are played between the boundaries, and outdoor games are the games that are played in and open areas, or we can say out of the boundaries. Video games are an evolution version of the games. Video games are the games that are played virtually, or we can say these games are played on technical devices. Talking about video games, one of the best video games is Call of Duty: warzone. This video game has become a revolution in the virtual gaming industry. 

There are so many battle royale games ligaz88 around the web, but Call of Duty is the best of all of them. This game is different from all other games due to its graphics, the types of equipment used in it, Modes, maps, etc. This game also has some cheats and hacks, which will take your gaming experience to the next level. There are so many types of cheats and hacks like ESP, Removals, valorant hacks,warnings, and so on. Let's discuss how this game was originated and became the best one.

The origin of the game

The version 'warzone' of the Call of Duty game was released on March 10, 2020. This is a free-to-play game and was firstly available on the big gaming consoles only. Like, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox, series X/S, and windows. But in the present, the company has also launched this game on smartphones, and you can download it on your android and ios devices.

This game was firstly going to be released in the 'Modern Warfare' version of Call of duty, but due to some restrictions, it was not possible for the company to purchase it, and then they introduced this game in theModern Warfare 2'. This game was developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software and published by Activision.

How to play the game

The main feature of this game is that it allows upto 150 players to play at a time in a single match; in the other games, they only allow upto 100 players to play a single match at a time, and not more than 100 players can play a match. Some of the modes in this game even support 200 players at a time; through this, we can judge that the level of this game is the next one as co0mpared to the other games. 

This game is played as there will be a large map in the game, and a player has to parachute there and will get there. After getting there, there will be so many players like him/her, and these players are his/her opponent. You have to kill them with the equipment provided to you in the game. The map will become a bit small every time you kill a player, and the player who will remain at the end after killing all the opponents will be the winner. 


This game has so many different characteristics and features which makes it different from other battle games. This game has high-quality graphics, equipments, hacks and cheats, modes, maps, etc. Let's discuss some of them.

  • This game has two modes named Plunder and battle Royale. Both of the modes are different from each other. The Battle Royale mode is the second installment of the franchise game Call of Duty; it means you will also get this model in the Black Ops 4 version of the Call of Duty game in the blackout mode.

  • This game consists of two maps, which are Verdansk and Rebirth island. Both of these maps have a different style, which means these maps are designed with different places built in them. The Verdansk map is the map of a fictional city in which there are so many buildings, and a military base camp is there in this.

The Rebirth island map is the map of an island. This map is the integration of Black ops cold war's content. This map is based on the real-life map of an island named Vozrozhdehniya island. You will also find this map in the Black Ops 4 version of Call of Duty.

  • The equipments used in this game are the best one. Initially, a player will get an X16 pistol in this game. Comparing to other games, in the beginning, the player will get common equipments like a knife, sword, etc. At a particular stage or level, you will also get three shields, and with the increasing levels, the number of these shields will be increased. In this game, a new thing has also been introduced in this version which is cash, through this cash you can buy more equipments. You will earn cash by increasing levels, and you can also pick the cash of your opponent after killing them. 

  • The most amazing feature of this game is the cheats and hacks this game is providing to us. These cheats and hacks will make your experience very good for playing this game. There are so many hacks and cheats like ESP (extra sensory perception), removals and warnings, and so on. 

These cheats will help you with detecting your opponent easily and will also save you while you are at the point of your opponent, as it will start giving you a warning, and you can save yourself from these. Even these cheats can also solve the little technical glitches of the game. 


To sum up, we can say that this game has so many features and amazing characteristics, which will make it different and better than the other games. Some of its main features discussed above are its modes, maps, cheats and hacks, and equipments used in this. This game allows more players to play a single match as compared to other battle games. There are so many other benefits of this game also which you can find on the web. If anyone takes a suggestion for you to play any game, then you should definitely suggest him/her this game. 

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