Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Increase Your Audience With Grace!

Being an artist is a hell of a job in these modern times, not because the level of art is now difficult. The main reason why many artists get demotivated at the start of their career just because they are unable to shine bright. Being noticed is what motivates someone the most, when you are performing for the audience, you would want to have a big audience and this is the worst step where many such artists fail – to get noticed. 

How to make big on Instagram?

Let’s face it, people only see talent now on social media, these platforms are the only place where you can find fame nowadays – in the modern age. So how do you get big in your art at a platform like this, like Instagram? The truth is, there are way too many people fighting for the spotlight, so even if you are an original content creator it would take you forever to find the limelight, to be visible to people, let alone be loved by them. In such a scenario, building your fan base, or the instagram followers count is what’s the most important step. Every content creator gets stuck over here, and the lucky ones are noticed. But does it all depends on luck, no! Luck has nothing to do with it, it’s the algorithm. When you go on Instagram, you are shown the content that is popular relating to what accounts you follow or content you mostly watch, so if some new content is shown to you, the chances are that that content creator has a good following base. A lot of views, or likes, or follows makes an account featured on Instagram, and this is what you should focus on. 

What’s the solution?

But how do you do it? How to get more people? Well, there are two ways for this, organic and being strategic. In the organic method, you make your content and publish it consistently. You grind daily, even if you don’t get any views, you make content and publish it and most importantly you share your content widely. After that you get followers, but the pace of this growth is very slow. You might end up working without an audience for a long time, at least for 3 or 4 years. That’s how long standup comedians took to get famous. 

Now, the strategic way is much more efficient. You get more followers through followers, the more people get to watch your content, the more it is shown on Instagram. This is what we discussed earlier. So when you buy Instagram followers you get a pretty great head start for your career. You don’t have to waste too much time, money, and energy on creating content for ages to have an audience, you can build your audience by purchasing followers and increasing your viewership. Once you have a good background of viewership, you would be in the limelight much faster. Your content would be distributed to many more people over Instagram. Thus, this becomes the best way for any starting content creator to focus on their career much efficiently.


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