Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Prom (2020) Dual Audio [Hindi ORG 5.1+English] Web-DL Download | 480p [420MB] | 720p (1.3GB)

They need to find a new energy source to feed their narcissism, so they seize on a controversy in a small, conservative Indiana town, where a lesbian teen (Jo Ellen Pellman) has been denied the right to take her sweetheart Alyssa Greene (Ariana DeBose) to the prom. A Sardi’s bartender and recent Juilliard graduate named Trent Oliver (Andrew Rannells) tells the Broadway trio that if they’re hell-bent on getting in the middle of the prom situation and dusting it with their limousine liberal magic, they can hop on the bus that’s about to take him through Indiana as part of a non-Equity tour of Godspell. Free transportation!

This is a promising setup, and you can see how audiences might’ve adored the stage incarnations. The movie hits pleasure spots for devoted theatergoers, mixing self-deprecating observations about how fatuous and self-serving performers can get when they dabble in politics; a dash of “The Magic of Theater” messaging that congratulates ticket-buyers for making a contribution to a cultural institution; and an earned but sometimes irritating strain of self-satisfaction, mainly having to do with theater’s ability to help ostracized individuals in reactionary small towns get the hell out and finally be themselves without constant fear of censure or worse. The songs are mostly serviceable, but there are enough home runs (including Emma’s soul-centering, meditative song “Just Breathe”) to carry viewers over the rough spots. (Read Summary – Source)