Monday, November 23, 2020

4 Ways to Convert a Microsoft Word Document to PDF Format

What does it mean by PDF, and when is it specifically used?

PDF format has become one of the most popular formats used all over the world. The university students, professionals, and even novel readers prefer this format to read the PDF on their tablets or mobile phones. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The PDF format is necessarily used when you don't want any modification in your document by others. It provides a comfortable and straightforward environment to its users as a PDF format document is easily shareable and printable.

Why do people want the conversion of the documents from MS Word to PDF?

Word PDF files can easily be converted to each other, but the conversion from word to PDF has become very popular. Suppose you are still utilizing the old formats; you must try to experience the PDF format. Let's talk about why people want to convert word to PDF. Some of the advantages of PDF format over the word document are listed below:

Security feature:

The no.1 feature leads you to protect your PDF files with a password lock. It is mostly used among businesses and companies when there are top secret or confidential data in the files. It saves your data from hackers or any unauthorized personalities.

Multi-Dimensional feature:

It is also an attractive feature given in PDF format. It allows you to integrate several types of content. For example, you can add videos, images, graphics, and animations to your PDF file without destroying the document's format. The users can easily prepare their presentations and technical reports on it.

Format feature:

It does not matter for PDF format to deal with different issues regarding someone who shared a file with which design or device. When you open the document in PDF format, its structure remains the same. But this becomes a significant problem while dealing with MS word documents.

Compact feature:

 No doubt, this is an excellent feature from PDF format. It helps you to compress massive data into a single file without disturbing the quality of your data. Compressed files can easily be shared and saved on the hard drive. They take less space. The industries get more privilege of this feature as they have an influx of data every day.

Convenient environment:

The people are more comfortable using this PDF format. Its format is feasibly viewed and shared. So, that's why people want to convert word to PDF.

Some disadvantages are observed while using MS Word:

Obliviously, there would be some disadvantages while dealing with MS Word. That's why people move towards PDF format. Let's take an overview of what were the reasons as well:

  • Microsoft Word needs a computer to edit the document.
  • Typing can become impossible due to electricity issues, or maybe your laptop runs out of battery.
  • Symbols are mostly challenging to access.
  • The figures and images sometimes become hard to fix in a specific position.

4 Ways are suggested to convert word to PDF:

There are many tools online that provide you with the facility of conversion from MS Word to PDF. Let's talk about any four of them.

1.     DupliChecker:

It becomes easy to convert word to PDF while using DupliChecker. It serves you free of cost. The uploaded file is deleted by this doc to pdf tool after completing the conversion as the data are always confidential. Let's take an overview of how it works and convert it from word to pdf.

  • You will first upload your document in its online converter.
  • To convert word to PDF, you have to click on "Convert to PDF."
  • After completing the conversion process, you have to save the file after clicking on "Download."

2.     Smallpdf:

It also enables you to convert your word documents into PDF format without any difficulty. The given tool makes the conversion easy and straightforward. It completes the procedure quickly. Smallpdf tools can work on all platforms, whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac.

3.     PDF2GO:

It will provide you with a go-to solution to convert MS word to PDF. The PDF2GO converter will allow you to turn your ms documents into the practical Adobe PDF format. You are welcome to convert doc to PDF and Docx to PDF by using this online tool.

4.     Soda PDF Converter Tool:

This tool will instruct you to upload your desired word file from this tool's drag and drop option. A user can also upload a file from a cloud storage service. Then it will be easy to use your PDF format file anywhere after downloading it. The security issues of the user's data are most important in front of this tool. It will delete the data after converting it safely.