Saturday, October 10, 2020

Batman Three Jokers: Here’s What You Should Know About The Comic

Okay first: Geoff Johns blew us away with DoomSky Clock, an incredible sequel to Alan Moore’s amazing graphic novel Watchmen.

Now, he is delivering a successor to another Alan Moore classic, The Killing Joke, with its 3 JOKERS and WE CANNOT WAIT! Stories. This book has been talked about for years, and it has finally been abandoned this summer, and it looks just as horrible as we could have hoped!

Batman Three Jokers den of geek

What’s the scoop on three jokers?

Originally hinted specifically in DC Universe Rebirth, this 3-issue miniseries Geoff Johns (BLACKEST NIGHT, DOOMSDAY CLOCK) reunited with Jason Fabok, a DARKSEID WAR associate, and the Joker’s years in the Joker. They are known as Ven. The New York Times brought together the team of writers and artists to tell the final story of Batman and the Joker, with bestselling authors Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok, who starred in “Darkseed War” in the pages of the Justice League.

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We know that you are connected in such a way that we are on the story of the three clowns, so we have a few options to help you confirm and block your copies this August.

Batman: Three Jokers #1: Scars - Comic Watch

Image Source: Comic Watch

1. Batman the HC killing joke

To prove that any man can be pushed beyond his limit of insanity, the Joker tries to distort Commissioner Gordon. Refusing to surrender, Gordon struggles to keep his stock with the help of Batman to drive the ultimate maniac to despair.


LEX LUTHOR: MAN OF STEEL – are behind the even darker and more disturbing aspects. Gotham’s most dangerous man: Joker.

Batman Three Jokers risky


Residents of Arkham Asylum have taken Batman by the hand and claimed him in exchange for their hostage. By accepting his flawed challenge, Batman is forced to swear personal hell.