Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Cast of ‘Sex & The City’ Still won’t take up the next project

There is always a chance that when some people work together in a movie they will do the same in another movie. The same happened with the cast of Sex and the City movie. The stars of this movie Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristan Davis, and Cynthia Nixon saw together in the movie Sex and the City but after it, there was no such movie was released. Recently the guys have reunited to honor the Healthcare workers on the frontline. But they are not looking forward to reuniting for any particular movie in the future at all.

Fans are looking forward to seeing them together on screen a lot. But when it comes to speaking about Hollywood life they have said that there is no progress in Sex and the City and also there will be nothing to do with them at all. Also, they have mentioned that all of them are getting engaged in some new project which let them work better for others as well. Also apart from the fact that we are getting in touch with each other as friends or as the coast guard but we are not reuniting for sure at all. Also, there was a script to return where everyone was looking forward to them to come together but unfortunately there why not become the part of it at all.

When it comes to knowing more about it there was news that Kim and Sarahah cannot be friends anymore. And the same is not possible without Kim. She is maintaining professionally and personally distance from so that it is not possible for us to be the part of it at all.

Do let us know if you have something to say about their bonding or their performance in the movie. Also, if you have any query then do let us know for it.