Sunday, April 12, 2020

ER doctor in Vancouver talks about his recuperation from COVID-19

This coronavirus pandemic is not leaving anyone behind. Whether you are among the public or whether you are a doctor there might be a chance that you might get affected by it. The same happened with Vancouver ER Doctor who was infected by it while treating the patients.

But now he is recovered from it and he is back at home. After coming back at home he started to treating patients who are having the same problem. 

When it was asked to Dr. Joe Winkler about his experience during this particular scenario he explained that there were so many things going in his head and he was experiencing cough and fever fatigue all the time. Then he went to the doctor and go for the test. 

When it came out to be positive he looked forward for the medications that will help him to get rid of it. Then he got admitted in the hospital and this let me to feel a lot of pain and trouble. But now he is free from it.

He also explains that when he came back people considered him to be more radioactive. No one was looking forward to him as the warrior who has fought against it but also they were maintaining distance from him. But this not let him feel like he cannot pursue his career after getting the cover he started to treat other patients who are facing the same problem.

When asked to the people's reaction he also explains that everyone was talking about the restrictions, frustrations, and adolescents. No one is looking forward for maintaining a contact with him. But now he is looking forward to the people to come together and fight with this virus. Also, he has mentioned that if you have courage and if you are in love then you will get recover from it easily.