Thursday, April 9, 2020

Ariel Winter shares her first photo with her boyfriend Luke Benward to challenge IG and she is very kind

Ariel Winter tried to find her first photo she took with her boyfriend who became her boyfriend, Luke Pinward. Instead, he came across his first candid image of Just Two.

Ariel Winter, 22, was found in a treasure! The Modern Family star was looking for the first photo she took with her boyfriend Luke Benward, 24, to complete the Instagram challenge on April 7. While she didn't exactly meet the criteria (Ariel and Luke were two friends who started dating in the fall of 2019), Ariel was able to find the first candid photo they had just taken of the actress and Locke. They were caught in the middle of the true lover’s moment: Luke's arm wrapped around Ariel's waist and he looked down adoringly at Ariel.

Although all we were good friends four years ago ... This is the earliest photo I can get that we are separated from the expert photographers photography, so it must be done for this big challenge, Ariel wrote in the concerned photo, who shared her story of Instagram.

California's shelter system didn't stop Ariel and Locke from playing amid a coronavirus! The lovers were seen leaving the studio in Los Angeles on March 24, and Ariel appeared to have a script in hand. We'll see what that means! Ariel just finished filming her latest episode of Modern Family on February 21 and opened it up to a world of new possibilities.

Ariel Locke's studio has not been her only place in recent weeks. A source close to the couple told HollywoodLife in March: Ariel and Locke have spent a lot of time together in the past few months, so it was a natural decision for them to quarantine together. If anything, this situation just approaches them and gives them an idea of ​​what life would be like if they lived together. The fact that they have been close friends for years allowed them to establish a connection beyond physical attraction, so they really had a blast when they were together.