After the bride’s departure, her in-laws came and soon after, she gave birth to a boy. This can be seen in the Majors family. The groom has handed the Tahrir to the Kotwali police against the wife and asked the bride’s father to take her back.
The case is from village Sakahan Muslimanan of Kotwali area from where the procession went to village Gargagaon of Bechia block on February 20. After the rituals the bride came and entered the in-laws After some time his health deteriorated. All women were amazed if women took care of her. Shortly after, the bride’s childbirth got itself in the house. The family and the guests were unhappy with this strange case.

After the noise in the house, the groom came to Kotwali and narrated the police and handed over the charge of accusing him of cheating on his father-in-law and wife. Safipur Kotwal Kuldeep Tripathi said that the husband has informed the in-laws of the in-laws to bring their girl back after making them aware of the matter.


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