violence started in Kashmir

After the violence started in Kashmir, the lanes of slogans and bullets were heard in the streets today, there were ridicule laughing at them. And, because of this, Nazir, who was known as the Charlie Chaplin of Kashmir, who came to Doordarshan, there was a lot of laughter in Kashmiri homes. In the face of the face, the nervousness of the street, the clowns of the street and the trick, the Chaplin-like Josh valley was pulsing.

In the confrontational environment, today’s youths are seeing violence-revenge, 67-year-old Kashmiri comedy Kig says that the only way to smile and laugh at the angry faces of the Kashmiris is humorous humor.

Poet, writer, director and actor Josh is known everywhere in every house with ‘Zoom German’, ‘Aad Raza’ and many other names that have been named after his characters in many TV serials.

He regularly used to bring comedy serials on local Doordarshan, which Kashmiris loved very much, but in 1990, when the separatist violence erupted in Kashmir, the program closed. However, they did not get any direct threat but there was no place for humor, humor and satire in violence in the valley and they did not have a sponsor.

Josh believes that Kashmiri people are going through many social and psychological problems, which can not be cured only by medicines.

Josh said, “People here want to be relaxed and humorous and satire is a better way for this.”

He told about an incident in which a family thanked his depressed mother for releasing stress.

He said, “The son of the lady told me that after seeing a link to the comedy serial ‘Thousa Dastan’, a smile appeared after a long time on his mother’s face.”

He said, “The boy said that when the psychiatrist got to know about the laughing of his mother after months of being depressed, he advised to show the episodes of the comedy serial and it completely cured.”

Josh feels that where curfew, shutdown and violence in the streets are not an extraordinary incident, but in order to maintain the mental balance of the people, there is a need of humor and humor in their life.

But, after the violence in the valley increased, there was no room for Nazir Josh’s TV serials based on social and political satire.

Josh, while observing the clouds outside his house located in Budgam district of central Kashmir, Josh said that his last serial Zoom based on social satire was made in 1989 but after the situation of violence in Kashmir, it was more than 25 episodes Can not walk

The erosion rays of the winter sun are trying to make a path between dense clouds, but clouds are obstacles in their path to reach the earth.

Seeing this, he said, “There is such a situation as such, you will find dense and dark clouds of depression wherever you go.” Seventy percent of patients coming to different hospitals are suffering from depression and stress, there is no way of entertainment in Kashmir. The cinema halls have been closed, and there is no local film industry like other states. ”

Josh said, “There is only one TV station in Kashmir and there is nothing to start the entertainment program, so that people get excuse to forget the stress of their life.”

He remembered the days when Kashmiri waited anxiously for a weekly TV drama.

Josh said, “I know some local families where women had bought TV by selling their own jewelery so that they could see thousands of serials in my serial.” 52 episodes of this Dharwari had gone on the local Doordarshan channel between 1985 and 1987.

This serial was based on political satire over the occupants of the state, in which depicting their illusions and negligence towards the problems of the people.

He said, “Some local leaders were upset about the popularity of the serials, they went to Delhi and complained to the central leadership that their position on this serial has become uncomfortable.”

Josh recalled his past days, “After the complaint, every episode was sent to Delhi for the first preview, along with Kashmiri translators. The review committee upheld political and social satire and encouraged it. Talked about. ”

Josh’s professional life began with local coloring. He said, “Initially, we used to play plays at village and district level. I played a drama in Tagore Hall of Srinagar in 1968, where the Natya Mahotsav was organized by the State Culture Academy.”

He wrote the drama ‘Haar Kekar’ in 1973 for television. He was excited by its success and continued to write comic strikes till he stopped entertainment and comedy programs in Kashmir in 1989.

However, he has not completely discouraged ahead of the situation. He says that if the support of his work from the state and the central government, still the program of humor satire can be restarted in Kashmir.

Josh said, “We need at least the construction cost so that the dignity of the past can be restored. I hope that a better understanding will happen in the near future and I will laugh again through the TV serials and give them daily stress Will be able to free me. ”

He believes that there is a lot of talent in local youth. He said, “These boys and girls of the new generation have done tough training in acting and direction.


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