avenger infinity war

Director-Antoine Russo, Joe Russo
Actors: Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evan, Thor Chris Hemsworth, Hulk Mack Raphaello, Black Widow Scarlett Johnson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Spider-Man Tom Woland, Paul Battenie, Joe Sandena, Karen Gillan, Chris Pratt, Tom Hiddlesson. There are many more names in this list.
Stars: (3.5 / 5.0)
‘There was an idea..To bring together, so when they (world) needed us, we would fight the battles’ Avengers: This dialogue of Infinity War trailer is the essence of this 2 hour 40 minute film. Infinity War is the third movie of 19th and Avengers series of Marvel Cinematic Studios. The title of being the longest marvel film ever so far has been added to this film. As soon as the names of Avengers come in, they find the best Fight Sequence, Nick Fury, Captain, America, Iron Man, Hulk, but this Avengers: Infinity War has seen Marvel’s 20 big characters together. They are all trying to save the world but this time this work is very difficult for these superheroes in Marvel’s biggest battle. This time, in this superhero story, it has also been tried to show how superhorses are forced into relationships, in such a situation, in the case of saving one of the world and their relationship, they also weaken us as yourself. Russo Badgers (Antoine Russo, Joe Russo) have gathered the entire Marvel Family in this film and have given so many scenes to all the characters that their perseasers do not miss you, that is, to give the necessary screen space to so many characters as a director, Rousseau Redefine the skills of Badars for which they should be praised.

This movie of superheroes, in which almost all the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been given place, in fact, the film is not of these heroes but villain thaos (Josh Brolin) of the film. Thanos, which looks like a character with every superhero from the first scene of the film to the end. In about two hours and 40 minutes of film, this Purple Giant man (Thanos) appears on the screen almost every five minutes. He is so cruel as not to be thought of. This is a superhero movie where superheroes are helpless and helpless, and all this is happening due to the Thanos. Thanos is the one who makes Marvel’s most powerful Hero Thor (Chris Hemsworth) helpless. However, there is no motive for giving a spoiler to the film, so just understand that Thanos is the one who has not been able to make any villains till now. That’s not bad, very bad.
The film’s opening sequence is quite dark. Thanos has ruined a planet. Here’s the conversation with Loki (Tom Hiddleson). The same people you have seen in Thor. For the person who wants to become the most powerful in this universe, the loci or the dialogue ‘You can never be a GOD’ makes the scene so great before the movie itself that the cinema hall is echoed with applause.
The plot
Like every superhero movie here too superheroes have gathered to save the world. To save the world this time, the superheroes have to save Infinity Stone. Thanos (Josh Brolin) wants to end the half-people of the Universe. His logic behind this is that there are limited resources in the world when there are more resources, even though the resources are limited and in such a situation the world is deteriorating. The way people live their life is influenced by this. Theanoz has its solution. He wants to eliminate half the people of the Universe so that many people survive for whom these resources are available. He wants to kill people and make a better world for the upcoming generation.

It would be possible for him to do this then he will have Infinity Stone. There are a total of six infiniti stones in the entire universe, which means everything can be controlled in the world. After getting these infiniti stones, destruction of this universe will be as easy as a pinch. Thanos need these Infinity Stone at any cost. 2 of the total 6 infiniti stones are on earth for which they have to come to Earth. On Earth, there is an army of superheroes that Nick Fury has made, this team is called anewangers. Thanos comes to Earth in search of Infinity Stone, and the agengers have to stop Thanos from succeeding in his mission. Thanos can eliminate the world and the Avengers will not let this happen. This fight is not easy this time. Hand alone Thanos and his Infiniti Stone are heavy on all superheroes.
This time, the team of Avengers has been great, including Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evan), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hulk (Mcc Raffello), Black Widow (Scarlett Johnson), Doctor Stange (Baindick Cumberbatch) , Spider-Man (Tom Olinda), Vision (Paul Bettenie), Gomora (Joe Saldena), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Star Lord (Chris Pratt) and many more popular Marvel Suppower Heroes.
The spoiler of this movie will not be perfect, but the one thing that breaks into mind is the end of the film. The film ends in such a place which will disturb you and banish you. For this, two words of English that came in my mind while watching the film were bizarre, unpredictable. The twist that the film ends on can not be judged. This only makes the movie better and in many ways it leaves the film in the middle. The end is finally, do you see yourself going to the cinema hall.
Russo Badgers (Antoine Russo, Joe Russo) has left no stone unturned to make the Avengers: Infinity War grand. The films of superheroose are already under the burden of many hopes and when the film is part of the Avengers franchise, the expectations increase. Being one of the many big superheroes in a film and giving happiness to all the fans, giving them good scenes and dialogues on the screen is a difficult task, but Rusho Badars has been almost successful in this task. These two brothers had already done films like ‘Capt America America: Civil War’ and ‘May 2014’ Captain America: Winter Soldier.
Many spaces in the film, the scenes of the other planet are shown and the scenery is so beautiful that on this screen it is shown that every Marvel fan will want to say thanks to Russo Brothers and Sinomettographer Trent Opeloch. Referring to Avengers and not mentioning Fight / War sequence, it is as impossible as sugar without sugar. The film’s foot scene is so great that you will be able to clap yourself or place a voice in many places. While looking at the film, take a special note of whether the eyelids do not flick. You can miss a lot by just blinking the eyelids. One of the biggest drawbacks of the direction is that such a long film does not bore anywhere.

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The only lack of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is that many of its fight sequences become predictable. As a viewer, you get to know a little bit, but this does not mean that the Sean Bore does not. In such a situation, this lack can be ignored.
Hollywood is the top actors in Avengers, so it is imperative to have the best acting in this movie. But some big names do not appear as expected in the film. Scarlett Johnson in the role of Black Widow is missing in the film. The reason is that they have not got any strong Dialogues or solo action scenes. In the role of Black Panther, Chandwick Bozman has not done anything on the screen, which can be remembered even after the movie is over.

Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos in the case of acting, has no answer. He has played the role of this super villain in such a way that after leaving the hall, if something remains in the highest mind, then it is Thanos. This character has been so impressive by Josh that his presence scares. Thanos’s first dialogue is very tremendous. During his entry in the Thanos film, he goes on the body of the people saying, “You may think this is suffering. No: It’s salvation. “With this dialog you can guess how horrible it is. Thanos may be as bad as a dictator in your thinking, and you have brought him on the screen, Josh Brolin will be less praise for him.
Tony Stark Morwell series is the largest and most famous name. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark’s character has done the best performance every time. Tony Stark’s fun dialogues and playing with his eyes laugh at this intense film too. And they are able to add this phenomenon to the film because they have given a lot of scenes in the movie. Dr. Strange has dubbed this time in the Engagers series. Benedict Kambarbatch, who plays this character, has blossomed in many scenes of the film. The female actor who got the most place in the film is Gammora’s character who will play Saldaña. Saldena has pulled several parts of the film alone.

The film featured Ayrman, Dr. Strange, Thor, Captain America, Gomora and, apparently, Thanos was the most visible. In the film, the superheroes fans will return to the highest level of the hall.
Why not see / see
Avengers: Why not look for Infinity War as if the question should not be there. Look at this movie. Yes, if possible, you can see it more than once. It would be great to see the Hindi dub of the film. All English speakers should also see what Tony Stark is doing in Hindi. ‘Infinite War’ was promoted in Hindi in India. Its two trollers came in Hindi which is quite fun.



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