If you see these dreams in 3 things

Friends dream about almost everyone, but there are also some dreams that should not be shared with anyone in life, today we are going to tell about 3 such dreams, which should never tell anyone. Tell you that people are often scared of dreaming.
Tell us about your information that things that happen during the dreaming seem to fall in reality, when you open up sleep, it is revealed that what we understood the truth was just a dream, the science of human beings Only dreams begin to come, tell you that seeing the death of a person in the dream, that person’s age is long, or it is inauspicious to see someone laughing in a dream, such many beliefs Famous about the pictures, when we come to this dream, we start talking about it with our friends or relatives, today we are going to tell you about some of the same dreams that are never mentioned by your friends, relatives or partners. Should not, that dream is something like this.

Note: Aaj lagne vaala hai sooryagrahan ,in do raashiyon ki chamakne vaalee hai kismet

First: If you ever see a snake in a dream, then it is also an auspicious sign, do not panic when you see the snake in the dream, according to astrologer, seeing a snake in the dream means you will be honored in the future, the time to come You can be very much progressed, so do not mention such dreams to anyone, if you tell anyone about such dreams, its effect will be reduced.
Second: If you see yourself sitting on a river in the dream, see floating in the river or if you see wandering in some forest, then it means that you are going to get happiness in the future, you are happy in the future. , So if you see such a dream, keep it to yourself, do not share it with anyone, its effect will be reduced if you share it.
Third: It is auspicious to see anyone or herself dead in a dream, do not panic if you see such a dream, often people become disturbed by such a dream and they start sharing with their families or friends, but this is wrong This kind of dream is auspicious, so do not panic at any such dream and do not share it with anyone, if you dream like that, then it means that soon you will have a lot of trouble away By having this, you will reduce the effect of the dream by sharing it.


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