Many times it happens that you think of going on vacation somewhere, but your budget is very low. In such a situation, you will want to know about those places. Where you can also roam in a lower budget. If you are thinking about the budget trip, then we are going to tell you about such a perfect destination, where you can also walk around 5000.

Royal orchha
Orchha, situated on the banks of the Betwa river in Madhya Pradesh, is a royal city. It is seen in the rainy season its beauty. In addition to Natural Beauty, this destination is also famous for temples and palaces. You have to spend to stay 2 nights for 3 days here. If you go to the travel package, then this expenditure can come up to only 3,000 rupees. Here are places to see, Ram King Temple, Orchha Fort, Jehangir Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple and King Mahal.

Note: Surat mein 11 saal kee bachchee ka shav baraamad, shareer par chot ke 86 nishaan, rape kee aashanka

If you love mountains and natural beauty, then Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, will tempt you very much. Here the greenery is worth seeing in the monsoon season that will appeal to you. To stay here, the package for 2 days and 3 days per person is only 5000 rupees. There are many places to visit around here.

Mount Abu
The most beautiful hill station of Rajasthan is Mount Abu. The Dilwara Temple here is quite famous. There will not be much burden on your pocket to come here. For 2 nights stay for 3 days, you will have to pay up to Rs 5,000, which is in a budget.

Valley of flower
Uttarakhand’s best option is to visit the Valley of Flowers. Here you will find all kinds of flowers. Various flowers like wild roses, dalia, saxifaz and millet are found here. Rent here for 2 nights and 3 days is only 3,500 rupees.


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