during the shoot

Whatever stunt or anything we can see on the screen, it is not as easy as it seems that you know that for a single shoot many times take three to four days, on the screen we see the same As if at that time there is a reality with a human being, whenever we see or feel more than what we see in the reaction, we start working on it immediately as we want to react. It is easy, but in order to make a 2-hour film, a director has to walk in the mind and think, in such a situation, the actor of the film also has to do his work diligently so that the film is good, but sometimes this work is quite fatal. Goes, sometimes an actor gets serious injury. Let us now tell you, what is the actor who is acting rightly for his people and for his honesty. Because of that and so are missing might be hurt them if he did not hesitate.

Akshay Kumar

Varun & Alia Ranveer Singh John Randip Hudda Shrada Kapoor Sarukh Khan Katrina Kaif Frhan Akhtar Sonam Kapoor


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