Patna: Leader of Opposition in Bihar, Tashavi Yadav has made serious allegations against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. In a statement on Friday evening, Radhakshi said in a statement that Nitish Kumar, save our constitution, is frightened by the horrendous support of the people who are getting justice. Stazzi said that he has come to know from the trusted sources that a serious conspiracy is being hatched by the government. Explain that Rashid had accused Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of first phone tapping.

But now, Stavy Yadav says that while staying at Circuit House, efforts are being made to add toxic substance and toxic substances in food items. Besides, spies are being pursued till the meeting venue. If you are stunning, then the mischief is being done to spoil their image and cause harm.

In this statement, Stazy said that the country knows Nitish Kumar is a negative and opportunistic person of a non-communal nature, who can go to any level to settle the opponents. He said, ‘I do not understand what I mean that a 28 year old young man has spoiled them? Inversely, they have obtained the majority through our cooperation and have committed robbery of the mandate. Chief Minister, believe that all the administrative staff is in your hands, but do not take the wrong advantage. Fight in a democratic way.

Janata Dal United’s Chief Spokesperson Sanjay Singh said on this statement of the stunning, that Ravi has realized the popularity of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during his visit and the defeat in the upcoming by-election has also been realized. According to Sanjay Singh, stunning has already found excuses for this defeat.


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